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Control TiVo Through a Wall / Around a Corner



TiVos 6 Tuners, Minis eBoxes, and IPTV boxes are compatible with RF (Radio Frequency) signals
  • When paired with RF signal, Many of our remotes let you control your TiVo around corners and through walls 

  • All other TiVo boxes only use IR (Infa-Red) technology

Resolution Steps

TiVo Slide Remote uses Bluetooth technology via a USB dongle connection in the back of the TiVo
  • Important: this is an unsupported, retail TiVo device

IR Adapter / Extender
connects via USB cord in the back of the TiVo, the IR receiver end should be in line of sight of the remote to work

  • Important - this is a retail TiVo device not supported by our company

TiVo App

  • Download the free TiVo App for Android or iOS to use that as a TiVo remote   

  • The TiVo App works on the network connection in the house, so no RF or IR transmission is used

  • Only TiVo controls work through the TiVo App, use your TV remote for TV Power, Volume, etc. 


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