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4K TV / UHD Information for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY and PA



4K means more pixels enhance image clarity; around four times what your current 1080p set can display


Resolution Steps



4K Highlights



  • 4K UHD provides:
    • Incredible clarity: delivers 4 times the resolution of 1080p with crystal clear, lifelike images and detailed action
    • Amazing picture: vivid, stunning colors and smooth motion bring exquisite detail to outdoor panoramas and fast paced sports programming 
    • Brilliant viewing experience: see mesmerizing 4K TV with the find anything experience of TiVo paired with our internet with speeds up to 1 GIG



UHD and 4K

  • UHD stands for Ultra High Definition. The terms UHD and 4K are interchangeable, though UHD is any display that has a resolution of more than 3840 by 2160 pixels 


Programming/Shows in 4K

  1. With a 4K TV and our 4K channels, residential customers can enjoy the best 4K experience:
  2. 4K content also resides on subscription-based services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu for residential and commercial customers
    • These streaming services offer 4K content at a premium membership price
    • YouTube also provides 4K offerings at no cost or membership


Getting 4K with Us

4K viewing is available with equipment powered by TiVo. 

The TiVo interface and its intuitive search & record functions make it easy for customers to locate & organize 4K content.

Chat Now or Contact Us to upgrade to 4K TiVo today!

To enjoy all of our 4K programming, you must have a 4K TV and OUR:  

  1. Signature cable 
  2. 4K technology fee
  3. 4K 6 Tuner powered by TiVo; 4K mini's are also available
  4. Internet service: 25 Mbps or above is recommended





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