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I Hear a Series of Beeps When I Pick Up My Receiver for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY and PA




Resolution Steps

I hear beeps when I pick up the receiver on my phone; I can dial out: 

  • When a message is waiting, voice mail provides a series of beeping tones known as stutter dial tone
  • For voice mail instructions, go to and click on your area
    • In the upper right, click on Help
    • Scroll down to Phone and click on Phone Feature Help
    • Choose How to Use Voice Mail
      • This also occurs if you did not set up your voice mail greeting
  • Without voice mail, there could be a problem with equipment or a jack:
    • Unplug the phone and plug in a phone that is working properly; your phone may need new batteries
    • If the problem persists, unplug phones and equipment from the jacks / electrical outlets
    • Plug each piece of equipment back in, one by one, to determine the equipment causing the beeps


I hear beeps when I pick up the receiver on my phone; I can NOT dial out: 


  • Check phones - receiver may be off the hook
  • Check cordless phones - they pick up signals from other phones, ham radios, baby monitors, etc
  • Try a corded phone to determine if a cordless phone is experiencing interference

If troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem, please contact us for assistance

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