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Clock / Channel Display on Converter for DC Metro, IL, MA, NY, and PA



Some of our converters have a clock/channel display. Here's how you can change the way it presents itself.

Resolution Steps

DVR converters and newer HD only converters

    Models: DCX3400, DCH3416, DCT3416, DCT6416, DCT6412, DCT6400, DCT6208, DCX525E, DCX700, DCX3200P2, DCX3200, DCH3200

    1. Press the Menu key twice while watching TV to reach the General Settings page

    2. Scroll down to Accessories

    3. Choose Set-Top Clock

    4. Choose Display and change the converter display to the following:

      • Show Time Always: only the clock displays

      • Show Channel Always: only current channel number displays

      • Show channel when Tuning: all other times the clock displays

    5. After selecting the Display, choose Illumination from the Set-Top Clock options

      • Always On: Clock will display even if converter is powered off

      • On/Off With Settop: Clock will display when converter is powered on, turn off when converter is powered off

    6. Press Exit on your remote

All other converters

    1. Press the MENU key twice while watching TV to reach the General Settings page

    2. Scroll to highlight the Set Top Clock preference

    3. Press the right arrow to move to the Details column

    4. Press the up arrow or down arrow button to highlight the Display option

    5. Press the right arrow button to move to the Settings column

    6. Change the converter to display the following:

      • Time/Channel: displays the channel numbers while changing channels; all other times the clock displays

      • Time: only time of day displays

      • Channel: only current channel number displays

    7. Press the Select button to accept the setting, then press Exit

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