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Email FAQs for CA, DC Metro, IL, MA, NY, OR, PA and WA



Resolution Steps

Maximum Attachment Size

    Email addresses are limited to sending and receiving files no greater than 25Mb

 Limit for Messages Sent per Hour

    • Limited to sending 400 messages per hour

    •  When exceeded, error 452 - Too many recipients received this hour, only relaying 400 msg/hour! displays

    • To send up to 5000 messages per hour, consider subscribing to a Static IP Address

Storage Space and Checking Usage

    Each email address is limited to 5 GB; additional storage space is not available

    • In Webmail, hover over the quota meter near the mailbox logout link to identify space used

    • In Usertoolsclick check your mailbox quota and usage to identify space used

Email Forwarding After Disconnect Not Available

    • Email on a disconnected account cannot be forwarded to another email address

    • Email service is disconnected when data service is disconnected

Traffic Filtered Through Port 25

    • Our company allows traffic through Port 25, only when connecting to

    • Mail clients must enable SMTP authentication with the username and password; the same credentials to login to your inbox

    • Webmail users do not have this restriction

    • To connect to other systems through Port 25, subscribe to a Static IP Addresses

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