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TiVo Channel Banner Shortcuts



Resolution Steps

Shortcut Icon Shortcut Description
  • Icon is similar to pressing the RECORD button on the remote control
    • Icon is dim when TiVo is not recording a program
    • Icon is bright when a recording is in progress
Other Tuner
  • Switches the display to the other tuner
  • When red circle in icon is bright, a recording is in progress on the other tuner
Parental Controls
  • Lock icon displays the Parental Controls screen
  • If Parental Controls are off, this icon appears unlocked and dim
  • If they are on, it appears locked and bright
  • If they are on but temporarily disabled, it appears unlocked and bright  
  • Envelope icon displays the Messages screen.
  • If this icon is bright, there are new TiVo Messages
Alternate Audio
  • Speaker icon brings up the Alternate Audio screen
  • If this icon is bright, the program has a secondary audio program (SAP)
Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital icon brings up the Alternate Audio screen
  • If this icon is bright, program has alternate digital audio tracks, including Dolby Digital audio tracks
Closed Captioning
  • CC icon displays the Closed Captioning screen
  • Closed captioning can be turned on or off
  • Can select options such as the text size and color


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