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Retail TiVo Compatibility




  • Retail TiVo compatibility

    • Retail TiVos are compatible if they can take our CableCARD.  On retail units, 

      • On Demand (VOD) not available

      • Ordering PPV through your remote not available


Resolution Steps


  • Networking Retail TiVos and TiVos provided by our company (on MoCA)

    • Retail Premiere, Roamio and Bolt models can network with all of our TiVos within a MoCA network*

  • Mini compatibility

    • Retail minis can work with our company TiVos - however, customers must also have a retail TiVo DVR in the home

      • In CA, OR and WA our devices are not compatible with retail devices

    • Minis provided by our company are not offered as stand alone; they must be installed with a whole home solution  

  • Single Tuner compatibility:

    • Retail Premiere, Roamio and Bolt models can network with Single Tuner TiVos provided by our company within a MoCA network*

  • Stream compatibility:

    • Retail streams will work with our equipment within a MoCA network*

    • 4 tuner TiVos are recommended. 2 tuners are also compatible* but since a Stream needs a tuner from the DVR, this severely limits your device


*Please note:

  • Some of these devices may not recognize MoCA signals and may need an ECB (MoCA bridge) for compatibility. We do not supply these for retail equipment.

  • All TiVo devices (including retail ) must be registered through our company to work with each other. Speak to one of our representatives for help 

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