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Hulu is a subscription service paid directly to Hulu; a free trial is available (credit card needed)

  • Manage billing, settings and password changes through Hulu directly

  • A minimum 50Mbps high speed internet is recommended

  • Stream Hulu content on up to 2 devices at a time, without taking up any space on the TiVo's hard drive

  • Pause a program on one device and resume on another without missing a beat

  • For quick access to Hulu, go to channel 749 in Lehigh Valley and 449 in all other markets

    • Force connect twice if you do not find this channel in your lineup

Visit Hulu's website if you need assistance
Resolution Steps

Signing into Hulu on TiVo

    • For Series 4 TiVos, go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand | Hulu  

    • For Series 5 TiVos, go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand  

    • For Series 5 TiVo Experience 4, go to TiVo Central | Apps 

      • Select Log In and enter the email address and password associated with your Hulu account

      • Highlight Log In and press Select 

    • You must log into each TiVo separately

Navigating Hulu with the TiVo Remote

    • Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrows to move around the screen

    • Press Select to choose a highlighted option

    • Use the Back button to go back one page

    • Press the TiVo button to exit the Hulu App

Switching Hulu Profiles

    • Scroll Down to the first row that reads TV, MOVIES KIDS, etc. Scroll Right to highlight Account and press Select

    • Arrow Down to highlight Logout from Hulu and press Select

    • Log in again to use a different Hulu account

Additional Information
Commercial Agent Steps
Financial Agent Steps
Management Steps
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