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Resolution Steps

Create a OnePass:

    • Find a show to watch from search results or the guide and press Record

    • Select OnePass & other options or Create a OnePass

    • See OnePass Options below for complete instructions

Modify a OnePass:

    • From the Show folder, select Modify OnePass Options


    • From your episode description page, select More Options | Modify This OnePass 

    • See OnePass Options below for complete instructions 

OnePass Options: 

    • Include: OnePass can include Recordings only, Streaming videos, or both

    • Start From: One Pass can start from any season available

    • Rent Or Buy: choose, Include to add shows that are available for purchase to your list, otherwise, select Don't Include

    • Record: choose from New & Reruns or New Only, Everything

    • Channel: select a specific channel, or All to let TiVo find the program on all channels for you

    • Get in HD:  choose Always, If Possible or Never

    • Keep at Most: select the number of recordings to keep at a single time (does not include streaming shows)

    • Keep Until: choose Until Space Need or Until I delete

    • Start Recording*: start your recording early to prevent missing the beginning of a show

    • Stop Recording*:  end your recording late to prevent missing the ending of a show

    • Always Display Options:  yes or no (this option is only available on Series 5 Experience 4
    *Start Recording and Stop Recording may affect other recordings if you not tuners are available

OnePass Manager

    • Prioritize recordings with OnePass Manager

      • Use the Up and Down arrows to move OnePass recordings higher or lower on your priority list

      • Shows are recorded in priority order when a recording conflict arises

      • You can also delete or modify a OnePass from this list (see OnePass Options, above)

Streaming Episodes

    • Streaming episodes don't use any hard drive space on the TiVo

    • Save streaming movies, episodes, and available seasons directly to My Shows

    • Add streaming content from On Demand, Netflix or HBO GO


Default OnePass Settings

    • From TiVo Central

      • For Series 4 TiVos: go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | Settings | Recording and select OnePass & Recording Options and set the default options

      • For Series 5 TiVos: go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | User Preferences and select OnePass & Recording Options and set the default options

      • For Series 5 Experience 4: TiVo Central | left arrow to Menu | Settings | User Preferences and select OnePass & Recording Options and set the default options


Sorting Shows in a OnePass folder:

    • Press the B button to sort episodes by season, date recorded or newest to oldest in each OnePass folder 

    • Press the C button to customize the available show list display
      • My Episodes: your personal playlist, including both recordings and streaming videos

      • All Episodes: see all episodes of a TV show from the first to the last season

        • Sometimes unavailable streaming episodes, or those airing in the future display

      • Recordings: only recordings available in your OnePass display (no streaming shows) 


Deleting Shows:

    Highlight a show or show folder in My Shows and press the Clear button

    • Individual show: an X appears next to it and it will be removed

    • Entire folder: a list of options appears

      • Delete Everything and Cancel this One Pass: delete the recordings and ensure the folder doesn’t reappear with streaming video or future recordings

      • Delete Everything in this Folder: future recordings continue based on OnePass options; streaming video appears once a show is recorded 

      • Delete Recordings & Replace with Bookmarks: All recordings delete, only available streaming content (VOD, Netflix, Hulu, etc) will display. TiVo will continue to record future shows based on OnePass options 

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