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  • Stream original content, Saturday Night Live skits, Comedy Central clips, Live Nation Concerts, Vevo music videos, instant in-game highlights from the NFL and more.


  •  App available in HDUI menus only 
Resolution Steps

Accessing the YouTube App

    • 4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis on TiVo Experience 3

      • Go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand  | Yahoo to get started

    • 4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners and Minis on TiVo Experience 3

      • Go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand  | Yahoo to get started

    • 4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners, 4K Minis, and Minis on TiVo Experience 4

      • Go to TiVo Home | Apps | All | Yahoo to get started

    • IPTV Box

      1. In order to load Apps into your Android IPTV box, you need a Google account. You can use an existing Google account, or sign up for a new one

      2. After you sign in to your Google account, Go to TiVo Home | Apps & Games | Google Play and search for, download, and install Yahoo

      3.  You will find the Yahoo app if you go to TiVo Home | Apps & Games

Sign in not required to access the Yahoo app, but you can verify through your Yahoo account too

Main menu (left)

    • Search 

    • Home

    • News

    • Music

    • Gaming

    • Movies

    • Subscriptions

    • Library -  When signed in, shows:

      • History
      • My Videos
      • Watch later
      • Purchases
      • Playlists
      • Liked Videos 


Watching a video - Navigation

    • Press the FF and REW button to skip ahead  / rewind 10 seconds

      • Press Play/Pause to resume the video

    • Hold down the FF or REW button to manually rewind or Fast Forward the video 

      • Press Play/Pause to resume the video

    • Press ▲ or ▼  for the following options

      • Use the ◄, ►buttons to navigate to:

        • The More icon (  ) gives you the following options:

          • Quality (resolution)
          • Save
          • Like
          • Dislike
          • Subscribe (to the channel)
          • Report
          • Feedback
          • Stats for nerds 

        • The channel icon opens up the group/user page that posted the video

        • Previous video will take you back to your previously viewed video

        • Pause/Play stops and restarts the video 

        • Next takes you to the next video on your list 

        • Press down to navigate all videos from the category chosen
        • The FF, REW and Pause buttons on the remote also work here  

        • Press ▼ for Suggestions, etc

      • Pressing Back () once or ▲ a few times will return you to the main screen/home screen
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