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Not All Shows in My Shows are Recordings

    • Check the OnePass options; when Recordings & Streaming video is selected, streaming options appear in My Shows

      • Streaming shows are identified by a blue or gray icon, resembling a wifi symbol

      • Streaming options do not take up hard drive space

    • Even if you don't have a Netflix or Hulu account, you will still see these options when Recording & Streaming is selected

    • Press the C button on your remote to change your My Show settings

      • All Episodes (even the ones that are not available in gray)

      • My Episodes (everything available, recordings and streaming)

      • Recordings only

TiVo Suggestions are Recording


WishList Recordings

    • WishList recordings in My Shows are identified by a folder with a star
    • For Series 4 TiVos, go to TiVo Central | Find TV, Movies, & VOD | WishList Searches

    • For Series 5 TiVos, go to TiVo Central | Search, Onepass, & Manage | WishList Searches

    • For Series 5 TiVo Experience 4, go to TiVo Central | left arrow to Menu | Search | View My WishList Searches

Check the To Do List

    • See what the TiVo is planning on recording in the future

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