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A working back-up battery in your phone modem keeps your residential phone service working, even if you lose electrical power supplied by your electric company  
  • You can still make phone calls and have access to 911

  • You will need a corded phone; this type of phone can usually function with a working battery back-up in your phone modem during a power outage

    • Cordless phones are also powered by electricity and typically do not work in a power outage; a back up battery does not power a cordless phone

  • The battery does not provide power to any services other than voice

    • For home security, medical alert systems, etc., contact the providers of those services

To verify the status of your back-up battery, check the indicator light on the front of your phone modem

  • Solid light: battery is working and charged

  • Blinking light: battery is charging 

    • If light is still blinking after 8 hours, it could be weak and may need to be replaced

  • Battery light is out: battery may be missing, depleted or not correctly installed

  • If an external battery or UPS is in use, please refer to the manual for that device


Resolution Steps
  • With brand new phone service, our technician professionally installs the battery at time of installation 

    • An 8 hour battery is installed upon request, or you can opt to purchase a 24 hour back-up battery from us

    • Once purchased, the 24 hour battery is your property; follow the manufacturer's warranty instructions

      • Note:  A 24 hour battery backup may also be purchased at a retailer of your choice

  • If you need a new battery or a replacement, chat with a representative or contact us online for details
  • Local office retail centers and payment centers do not have 24 hour back-up batteries for distribution 

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