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Resolution Steps

RCN cannot assist with the removal of this Malware. There are instructions for removal of the Ransomeware that are found online.
If a customer is uncomfortable with following the online instructions, competent computer repair assistance to remove the virus should be sought.
Under no circumstance should the victim pay the ransom.

The ICE Cyber Crime Center Ransomware is part of the Troj/Reveton-Ransomware family and displays a lock screen.

This screen requires customers to pay a ransom before they will be allowed to access the Windows desktop, applications, or files. This infection pretends to be from the Department of Homeland Security's ICE Cyber Crime Center and states that it has detected that the computer involved has been involved in illegal cyber activity.
This activity includes the distribution of pornography, copyrighted files, or computer viruses.

The screen goes on to state that a fine needs to be paid in the amount of $300 within 48 hours. In order to send the ransom a MoneyPak voucher at a store like CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens will need to be purchased.

Once they receive the money, they will then automatically unlock the screen. This ransomware will also attempt to take a picture via the Webcam to further scare you into sending in the ransom. Last, but not least, this ransomware infection will also delete the Windows Automatic Update service so that the customer is unable to automatically update Windows.

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