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  • Never transfer a caller to another number; this may give the caller the opportunity to use your phone line for scams and LD / International calls

  • If you receive an urgent call or email, asking you to call a phone number with an area code you normally don't call, do not make the call

    • If you make a call to one of these area codes, you may be dialing into an expensive overseas pay-per-call service, resulting in pricey toll charges on your phone bill

    • Examples include: 9-0 or 9-0-0, *72 or 1172, 0 or 011, 809, 284, 649, 876 or other unfamiliar area codes, numbers preceded by #, any 11-digit number

  • If someone calls to tell you a family member was in an accident, and to hang up and call *72 and a specific number to get more information, do not make the call

    • Dialing *72 and the number forwards your phone calls to that phone number

    • Once your calls are forwarded, others can make calls from your phone number including toll calls that will appear on your phone bill

    • If you think you have fallen victim to this scam, dial *73 and listen for two short tones to tell you the forwarding is deactivated


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