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VOD Ordered on a Digital Box is Available on All Digital Boxes in the Home for the Rental Period

  • Up to 8 titles can be ordered and shared

    • If more than 8 are ordered, the oldest is removed from the list and must be repurchased to view

  • If same VOD is ordered in both standard definition and high definition, you are billed for both

  • HD VOD can't be viewed on a standard definition box

Cancelling or Changing a VOD order

  • Once the movie / event has been confirmed the order has been process and it cannot be cancelled  or changed 
  • Resolution Steps
    1. TiVos: go to TiVo Central | Apps & OnDemand | VOD or press the VOD button on the remote

      All other boxes: press the VOD/On Demand button on your remote

    2. Make selections from the category menus until you find a show to watch

    3. TiVo: select the show, then choose Watch Now (to order) or Go Back (go back one screen)

      All other boxes: press the left button to watch

    4. TiVo: press the Left arrow or Back button to stop the VOD

      All other boxes: press the Down arrow button to stop the VOD

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