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If there is obvious physical damage to the adapter or cable, please call RCN

Resolution Steps

No Connection to the Wireless Network

    1. Make sure the  power light is lit, then check the link light status

      • Solid Light: adapter is connected to the network

      • Slow Blink:  adapter is searching for the network

      • Rapid Blink: adapter is transmitting data

    2. Ensure the Modem and Router are connected, and you have access to the Internet

    3. Power cycle Modem and Router, if needed

No Power to the Adapter

    1. Unplug all other USB devices from the back of the TiVo

    2. Unplug both ends of the TiVo Adapter, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect both ends of the USB cable

    3. If the adapter power light is still not on, make sure the cable is firmly plugged in to the adapter and the USB cable, and then restart the TiVo

    4. If the TiVo Adapter still has no power, contact RCN


Signal strength needs improvement

    • Go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | Settings | Network

    • Note the signal strength found on the right-hand column

      • Signal strength below 80% is a sign that the TiVo having a hard time getting a signal from your wireless router

      • To get  the best signal, make sure the Adapter is open to a 90 degree angle, like the letter L

    • If the signal strength is still below 80%, contact RCN

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